• Perseverance – Oil on Canvas
  • Work Day – Oil on Board
  • Park Pauper_4′ x 6’_oil_2015
Moved by the rewards and challenges that characterize my own experience as an urban mother, and informed by my observations of how other individuals and families navigate the contours of city life, my work depicts people engaging in the daily activities of contemporary existence......
I am a mixed media artist. Most of my work, is in the genre of figurative painting that is atmospheric, and often narrative. I prefer working in oil but sometimes work in acrylics . I build many layers of thin color to achieve depth and texture while at the same time continuing to draw with paint throughout the process of creating the painting.
The resumé of Tracy Ostmann outlines her experiences and accomplishments as an artist. She has been featured in press releases and has several solo and group exhibitions around the country. Her resumé also includes her collections, awards, and honors she has achieved as an artist from the Chicago area...
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