• Cocktail, Cat, and fancy dress 42″ x 48″ oil on canvas
  • Paying Hooky-42″x 48″-oil on canvas
  • Duality – 36″ x 40″- oil on canvas
  • Perseverance – Oil on Canvas
My work is often representational, a cast of characters pronounced through a style that borders on realism, abstract, and impressionism. A visual narrative unfolds, revealing a satirical and humorous event often reflecting on the various roles people (especially women) play. I work in oils, acrylics, and drawing materials such as charcoal and graphite. Thin layers of color are overlapped, paint is drawn and sketched vigorously across, and up and down as I manipulate the images I see coming through the paint. I am work from rough composition sketches and sometimes photo references. A large mirror is an essential tool throughout my process, allowing me to reference my own features when working with the figure
I am an interdisciplinary artist. My work integrates the figure combined with abstraction creating an atmospheric, hazy texture against patterns. Many layers of thin color build to achieve depth. I often draw with paint throughout my process.
The resumé of Tracy Ostmann outlines her experiences and accomplishments as an artist. She has been featured in press releases and has several solo and group exhibitions around the country. Her resumé also includes her collections, awards, and honors she has achieved as an artist from the Chicago area...
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