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Here Comes the Band
18th Sep 2018Posted in: Gallery, Paintings 0
Linger_Studio Shot
10th Sep 2018Posted in: studio-installation 0
Beach Queen
9th Aug 2018Posted in: Blog, Featured, Gallery, Paintings 0
Little Chefs by Tracy Ostmann Haschke
18th Feb 2018Posted in: Blog, Gallery, Paintings 0
17th Feb 2018Posted in: Featured, Gallery, Paintings 0

BLEARY, 30″ x 48″, oil on canvas

The Chicago Tree Project 2017

    Success this past week in debarking one half of my Ash tree.    

15th Feb 2017Posted in: Blog, Featured, Gallery, Home Page, Paintings 0

Duality – 36″ x 40″- oil on canvas

Taking part in a Masquerade
28th Oct 2016Posted in: Blog, Featured, Gallery, studio-installation 0
The Difference Between Wanting and Having
28th Jun 2016Posted in: Blog, Gallery, Paintings 0


Red Striped Chair, 24
5th May 2016Posted in: Atlantic Coast Series, Blog, Featured, Gallery 0
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